I chose laughter!

Yesterday I went out for lunch with a good friend who just got out of her very first mammogram appointment. She said she thought of me as they were squishing her left tit on the  George Foreman Grill and almost started to cry.“ I just imagined what it must have been like for you thinking about your mortality”.

First of all, why is she thinking of me when a 55 year old mother of six is trying to make her breast into a grilled cheese?

I wasn’t thinking about dying, I was thinking about lunch.

Through all those appointments, being felt up by a cornocopia of doctors, I didnt think about cancer…I had more important things to think about like…which one was single??

You know the saying “ thoughts become things, choose the good ones”, so I through those years of treatment, I chose to think about how to get to third base with the anathesiologist.

I was recently critisized by a reviewer that  I “should not have laughed at my cancer journey, and I should have taken it more seriously. “ Really?? How much more seriously could I have taken it? I had no hair and half a boob. I think that’s taking it seriously.

So as I come upon my 5 year mark of being free and clear, would have wallowing in my own self pity been a better choice? If I didn’t laugh my way through an otherwise crappy situation, would my life be better today? I think not. And besides, its my journey, its my life and I choose to live it, one joke at a time.

So to all of you out there who are choosing to complain about the little things in life, look at the big picture. Is it really all that bad? Is NOT having that slice of cheescake going to make your life better? Is a dirty bathroom REALLY a relationship breaker? Is missing the bus the END of the world? The answer is no…but having to take the bus might be.



One thought on “I chose laughter!

  1. Ally I love this! Especially the last paragraph….. I find it both amusing and sad that as I drive in to work each day blasting my tunes enjoying life, how many people drive by me honking, frowning and generally unhappy! We all have the choice so I choose to crank my music and enjoy the fact that the longer my drive takes into work gives me time to listen to another great tune!

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