The Big Man on Campus turns 70!

Today is my Dad’s 70th birthday! This is the second blog I have written dedicated to my Dad’s birthday. This is also the second time I missed mailing his card. Happy Birthday Dad! You have taught me so much in life and you have always been so proud of me. Today I want to write why I am proud of you. You have spent almost 50 years looking after your family. Through those years you put your passions on the back-burner and took jobs that supported your wife and four kids. Dad, I know they were boring jobs. I’d fall asleep listening to the job title. All that time you wanted to be a writer. Any opportunity you had to help me write an essay or a play, you took it. It’s no wonder my degree has both our names on it. Now at age 70 you are finally doing what you wanted to do. You are a columnist in the paper and have edited three books.               ( maybe more but I’m sure you’ll correct me. I’m also sure you’ll edit this blog post and send it back to me). You have taught us all that it is never too late to capture your dream. You have also taught us that it is never too late to rile up an entire province with your opinions. Happy 70th Dad! 10172850_726253684785_2821993775623124877_n


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