A Toast To All The Real Women!

Amy Schumer on the red carpet

A Toast to All The REAL Women

On Friday night my hubby and I drove around the parking lot of the movie theatre trying to find a spot. He claims he is “the parking whisperer” but I don’t think the other drivers agree. He tried to double park on the Starbucks patio. I had never seen the parking lot so busy in my life. Were they releasing a new Apple watch or a new movie about the release of an Apple watch?

Friday was the release of Amy Schumer’s semi autobiographical movie Trainwreck and if we didn’t find a spot soon, we were going to be making the sequel. As we sat down four rows from the front, I turned my head and the theatre was sold out with equal attendance of both men and women.

This was not your chick flick crowd…this was Amy’s crowd.
She’s flawed, she’s honest, she’s sharp, she’s REAL! Oh man is she real.

In the film Amy takes on us her journey through her world. She is thirty something woman juggling her dysfunctional work life, an ailing father, a sister who is settled down and she feels the pressure of fitting into that mold and dating in a world where women are taught to hunt down their prince charming and be married by the time they have their first period. Her co-star is a bottle of wine and her side kick is a joint.

Not only did Amy star in the film but she also wrote it, and it is HILARIOUS! Hurray for Amy! Finally a movie about REAL WOMEN. After all these years the media is giving us real women in lead roles – Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project, Lena Dunham in Girls and Amy Schumer in a WWE wrestler.

You may say, “ All those women are funny. Comedy is the exception for lead roles”. Wake up people. ALL WOMEN ARE FUNNY! Our bodies are designed to push out a ten pound ball of fire through in the same area we took in a Applebees waiter. If we can’t laugh at that, were doomed!

All the women in my life make me laugh. Whether it be a routine trip to Costco or a night out with an amateur hockey team, women know how to have fun! We have to approach life with a sense of humour because we have a lot of shit to deal with.

How many times have I woken up saying “ I’m not going to eat carbs today” and by ten a.m I’m finishing my second bag of potato chips. How many times have I been happy for a friend that took charge of her weight and then dream about punching her in the face. How many times have I said “ Only one glass of wine this week” and by Thursday I’m hiring a moving company to carry out the empties.

I’m tired of watching films that portray women as anorexic mother’s wearing designer clothes and have piles of money spilling out of their Coach purses. Where are the real women? Where are the ones that don’t see themselves as parents, that actually like to eat, that struggle to pay a bill? Where are the ones that say the wrong things, are always putting their foot in their mouth and have an apology letter ready to go in their back pocket.

For decades the media presented us with the image of a woman as perfectly dressed, with perfect bodies and perfect manners. That does not exist. My favourite clothing store is a donation bin and the last time I said please was asking an ice cream cone not to give me gas.

Finally we are being exposed to how women truly are and we are awesome!

So raise your glass of discount Merlot ladies! Cheers to all of us REAL WOMEN! It’s about time! Now, who wants to go out for donuts? I have a coupon…


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