Are you being blamed for something you didn’t do?

I’m not going to lie to ya! Its been a rough week. It seems every time I turn around, I am getting sh*t for something. Today it hit the fan-literally!… I got dog poop all over my hubby’s sandals.

The worst part of this week was getting blamed for something I didn’t do. Has this ever happened to you? It is a horrible feeling. I got accused of something that I had clear and evident proof didn’t happen. If this were on an episode of Law and Order, I’d be in one scene and they’d move on to showcasing Marisa Tomei in a guest role.

The person accusing me didn’t even give me a chance to speak. They lashed out and hung up the phone. Before the situation could sink in, the conversation was over. I knew I had not done what I was accused of, but being blamed felt terrible.

I immediately called a friend for advise and she responded ” Do you have to be right?” I took a deep breath and thought ” No, I don’t”. Even though I had clear evidence of my innocence, what would that solve? It would create more anxiety and negativity.

I had to let it go..and let this person lash out. It is what they needed to do.

Here is what I have learned about getting blamed for something I didn’t do. It worked for me and it may work for you.

  1. It is NEVER about you. It is always about the accuser. They could be stressed out, or just got yelled at themselves or didn’t get enough sleep, the list goes on and on. Bottom line, they are not in a happy mood. Happy people don’t blame others, they may hug and then blame you for not hugging tighter but that’s about it. Just remember YOU have nothing to do with it.
  2.  Ask yourself ” Is this the end of the world?”. Chances are, it is not. Actually, VERY BIG CHANCE it is not. The world is not ending. You read it here first.
  3. Don’t try to be right. It solves nothing. As long as you know you’re authenticity, that is all that matters.
  4. Remember the quote ” This too shall pass” and if that doesn’t work, wine totally helps. I know, because I just guzzled a bottle of sulfate free wine- yahoo!
  5. Are you being accused of a crime? No? Then, really, it’s not a big deal. If you are being accused of a crime, then you probably should not be reading this blog.You should be reading the yellow pages and get a lawyer.
  6. It sounds hippy dippy but, I’m going to say it- wish them love. Everyone goes through hard times in their lives and they lash out. They are human. It happens.

So cheers to end of my rough week! ( Bottle of sulfate free wine in hand and dog poop on my sandals) Here’s wishing everyone a blame free week to come!


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